If the alarm recording doesn't work, you can not find any recording files in the Playback. You could have a check as the following:

1) Check Alarm Recording Settings are OK.

- Check if the alarm is enabled:  go to 'My Camera' page, check the alarm should be enabled, as shown below.


- Check in 'Alarm Settings',  at least one alarm trigger should be ON: go to App --> settings of corresponding camera --> Alarm Settings, check either Motion Detection or Human Detection is ON.

If you only cares about external sensor alarm, you can keep the Motion Detection and Human Detection as OFF. 

In this case, pls go to Defence Area, make sure the sensor has successfully paired with the camera.

- Check in 'Recording Settings', the Alarm Recording is configured:  go to App --> settings of corresponding camera --> Recording Settings, check 'Record Type' is 'Alarm Recording', 'Record Time' is set to either 1, 2, or 3.


2) Check the local SD card works normally:  go to App --> settings of corresponding camera --> Storage Info, check the 'SD Capacity' should not be 0 M. And the 'SD Capacity' should be greater than 2048M(2G).



    If the 'SD Capacity' is 0 M, there is something eror on the SD card installation or SD card itself.

    For HiKam S6, try to plug out of the SD card, install the SD card again, and do a power off , power on again on the camera.  After that, check the 'SD Capacity' again.

    For HiKam A7, pls try a Erase/Format of the SD card in the app, and check the 'SD Capacity' again.

3) Check Camera time is correct:  go to check live video of the camera, check the time stamp on the top left of the video. The time stamp should be correct with time difference than 24hours. 

    Typically, if the time is year of 1970 on the camera, you need to check and set a correct time in Time Settings in the App.

4) If all the checking are OK and passed, but the Alarm Recording still not work, pls contact our support. Just send an email to service.us@hi-kam.com.

We will response in hours.