If the alarm recording doesn't work, you can not find any recording files in the Playback. You could have a check as the following:

1) Power cycle the camera(power off the camera then power on camera again) after installing the microSD card to the camera: 

    If you don't remember it has been powered cycle or not before, you can just do one more time of power cycle.

2) Wait for one minute, go to HiKam app, the camera should be online again.  

3) Go to 'My Camera' page, click settings of the corresponding camera > Storage Info, check the SD Card capacity is there, like below

  If the SD card Capacity is 0M, pls make sure you've installed a microSD card into the camera. The camera need a microSD card for the recording. Recommend to use a 8GB or greater size microSD card. 16GB or above is recommended.

  If you have inserted a microSD card in it but you see 0M, pls check if the microSD card is inserted well into the camera and the microSD card itself is good.

4) Enable the Alarm settings and Alarm Recordings:
           a. 'Alarm Button on the 'My Camera' page in enabled.


            b. go to 'My Camera' page >  Alarm Settings, enable 'Motion Detection', make sure the sensitivity is 3 or greater. (You can set the sensitivity to your preferred value later when alarm recording is working)

            c. go to 'My Camera' page >  Recording Settings, set Record Type to 'Alarm Recording'. Set 'Record Time' to 1min just for this testing. (You can change the Record Time to your preferred later when alarm recording is working)


4) Move in front of the camera to trigger some alarms, check in 'Alarm List' there are alarm records there. 
    If there are alarm records in Alarm List, you should be able to see the snapshot of the alarm, and click to view a short alarm clip for 6 to 12 seconds. (The 6 to 12 seconds clip is for short alarm clip feature, which is for a quick preview of alarm events).

 5) Wait for like 2 minutes. After that, go to 'Playback' in 'My Camera' page, check you can see alarm recording clips there.

If all the checking are OK and passed, but the Alarm Recording still not work, pls contact our support. Just send an email to service.us@hi-kam.com.

We will response in hours.