The Setup by AP Mode is supported by HiKam S6  and HiKam A7(2018 Version).   

We offer AP mode as an alternative to “AirLink”. If you have troubles with other setup way like AirLink, you can try Initial Setup by AP Mode. 

In AP mode, the HiKam camera generates a WiFi signal named ‘Hikam-….XX’ or 'Hi-....XX'(XX is the last two digits of the HiKam Camera ID. The camera ID can be found on the back of the HiKam camera.) 

Once the smartphone is connected to the  camera’s WiFi , you can use the HiKam app to configure the HiKam camera and then modify the network settings, so the camera will be able to connect to your router.

Before starting setup

Step 1: Make sure HiKam app is downloaded and installed on your phone. Move forward to Step 2 if the HiKam app is already in your mobile device.

  • Go to App Store (iPhone/iPad) or Google Play (Android) and search “HiKam camera”. Get HiKam app.
  • Create your account in the app by tapping >New Account Registration<.


Step 2: Make sure the two antennas in the box has been installed to the camera

  • Remove the camera from its packaging and thread the two antennas to their corresponding labeled connectors.

Start setup

Step 1: Set HiKam camera to AP mode
- Turn the camera on and wait for 30 seconds
- Press the ‘reset’ button on the camera for 10 seconds,  until you will have heard the second acoustic signal. Then wait for anotherm 30 seconds.

- The camera will auto reboot.  After reboot, the camera is now in AP mode. The status LED on the camra blinks both in blue and in red.

Below are demostrate of how to reset to AP Mode on S6 and A7.

Reset button on S6:

Reset button on A7:  pressing reset button for 10seconds, until you will have heard the second acoustic signal then release it. 

Step 2: Connect your phone to WiFi generated by the camera
Please go to your smartphone setup menu and connect your smartphone to the WiFi of the HiKam camera, named as ‘Hikam-….XX’ or 'Hi-....XX'(XX is the last two digits of the HiKam Camera ID.

(Example for iPhone/iPad and Android as below)

iPhone / iPad:


Step 3: Add the HiKam camera into the HiKam app
- Open the HiKam app, wait for some seconds, the HiKam app will detect the HiKam camera automatically

- You will be asked to name the camera (e.g. living room) and to enter the initial camera password, which is 123.

- You will then be asked to enter a new password, consisting of 6-30 characters (0-9, a-z, A-Z)

Step 4: Connect camera to your WiFi
You can now change the ‘network settings’, in order to make the HiKam camera connect to your router.
Settings -> Network Settings -> Tap on the WiFi name you want camera to conenct to -> Confirm -> Enter WiFi password



- Then the HiKam camera reboots and quits AP mode for normal mode. The smartphone disconnects automatically from the WiFi created by the HiKam camera.

- You can now follow the live video stream on your smartphone.

Meet Issues? Camera not online?

After providing WiFi password to the camera, if the camera does not connect to you WiFi, the status LED on the camera will help figuring out the problem.

For S6, check this link for detailed instructions: resolving S6 connecting to WiFi issue

For A7, check this link for detailed instructions: resolving A7 connecting to WiFi issue