HiKam A7 can be set up and operated using an Ethernet cable. You can switch from LAN to WLAN/Wi-Fi at any time after the camera finishes setup and connects to the Internet.

Before starting setup

Step 1: Make sure of the following:

  • Your router is connected to the Internet and DHCP is enabled.
  • A spare Ethernet cable is ready.(You can find one in the A7 product box)

Step 2: Download and install HiKam app. Move forward to Step 3 if the HiKam app is already in your mobile device.

  • Get HiKam app from App Store (iPhone/iPad) or Google Play (Android) by searching “HiKam camera”.
  • Tap >New Account Registration< at the bottom of the window to create your account.

Step 3: Start camera

  • Remove the camera from its packaging and thread the two antennas to their corresponding labeled connectors.
  • Connect the power cord with the camera cable to power on the camera. The green LED indicator at one end of the cable comes on. The camera starts beeping.
  • If no beeping within one minute, press and hold the reset button until a successful signal, which is a metallic clash sound, is heard. Wait another 30 seconds for the camera completing reset. The camera will then start beeping.
  • Connect the camera to the router using the Ethernet cable. The yellow LED indicator at one end of the cable comes blinking and the camera stops beeping when the connection established.

Start setup

You can refer to the video tutourial below, and the detailed procedure guide following.

Detailed Procedure Guide:

Step 1: Log in HiKam app and wait for a few seconds. The camera should be detected automatically. If so tap Discover x New Device, otherwise move to Step 4.

Step 2: When prompted, name the camera and enter the initial password 123. Then tap Next.

Step 3: When prompted, enter a new password for your camera, consisting of 6-30 characters. Do not start your password with the Roman numeral zero “0”. A successful operation will be notified by “Modify successfully” in the app. If this does not happen within one minute, contact our Customer Support team.

Step 4 (in case the camera is not automatically detected): Tap Manual.

Step 5 (in case the camera is not automatically detected): Type in the device ID that is on the underside of the camera. Then tap Next at the upper-right corner. Move backwards to Step 2 and 3 to finish setup.

If you want to keep the camera connected as hardwire, you have done all the settings and you can skip the below.

If you want to switch the camera to your WiFi network, pls continue check the following.

Step 6: Optionally, you can switch from LAN to WLAN/Wi-Fi. 

Before switch

       Make sure of the following:

  • Your router supports the 2.4GHz frequency band.
  • The WiFi encryption for your WiFi is WPA or WPA2,  should not be WEP.
  • Your mobile device is connected to the Internet with a WLAN/Wi-Fi that the camera will connect with.
  • You know the WLAN/Wi-Fi password. 

Switch Camera to WiFi

Step 7: Launch the HiKam app. Tap Settings at the right side in the corresponding camera column.

Step 8: Tap Network Settings.

Step 9: Choose the Wi-Fi that your mobile device currently connects with.

Step 10: Tap OK in the popup warning window. When prompted, type in the Wi-Fi password. Then tap Ok to confirm.

Pls note: if there is  % in your WiFi password, pls put it as %%    (one more % in front of the %).


Check the switch result

Your camera will try to verify the WiFi and switch to it. It will take about one minute.

Pls wait for one minute, after that the camera will be online again. 

You can go to the 'Network Settings' here again, check a successful switch is specified by the green CHECK following the Wi-Fi SSID. 

Now you can remove the Ethernet cable without any impacts.

If you find the A7 does not switch to your WiFi , please check the troubeshooting section below.

Setup is finished

You can now follow the live video stream on your mobile device.

Trouble Shooting, WiFi can not connect etc

If you find the camera can not switch to your WiFi, please check this link for resolution: A7 can not connect to my WiFi, how to resolve it?