Release Notes for HiKam A7 Firmware 1.1.15 (Release date: June 15, 2018) :

- New: Motion Zone feature.

  You can set Motion Zones to important area you care about. Camera will only detect the motion zones you set, ignore motions out of motion zones.

  Strongly recommend setting Motion Zone to Motion Detection or Human Detection,  both Motion Detection and Human Detection will benefit from it, more quickly and more accurately.

  Require iOS or Android latest app in App Store or Google Play.
- Video transmission optimization
- Bug fix

Major Roadmap for Near Future Releases:

1. MAC Client is coming soon.

2. Amazon Echo Alexa Support

Recent Previous Update in May, Feb, Jan 2018: 

- New: Add Cloud Recording feature

- New: Add support to multi alarm push server, increasing reliability

- New: Upgrade Video Codec to H.264 High Profile. 

   H.264 High Profile can help extend SD card storage for 20% to 30% more duration, and also 20% to 30% saving on mobie data while checking live video by 4G/3G.

- New: Add Google Push support to Android App, help app saving battery.

*HiKam A7 is available in Try search 'outdoor security camera hikam'  


*How To Upgrade the Firmware

go to app --> 'My Camera' Page, go to settings of the camera --> Camera Update, as below,

If you have any thoughts or ideas or comments or feature request to A7, just feel free to contact us. 

Submit ticket in the support web, or send us email

We will response in 24 hours, most of cases in 4hours.