Accessing your camera from WAN greatly extends the distance between your camera and your applications. At any place out of home, with an Internet access you can configure your camera, receive alarms, and watch live stream by launching the HiKam app or the HikamPC.

The walk through from scratch

Note:If you already set up your camera successfully, jump to Step 5.

Step 1: Set up the camera when your camera and your smart phone are on the same LAN. You can following the Quick Guide in your box to make it happen. If you lost your Quick Guide, click the following link for instruction.

How to Set the camera up by cable

Step 2: Keep the camera and your mobile phone are within 9-foot distance with the router. Check if you can watch live stream. To do so, launch your HiKam app and tap the Play icon.

Step 3: Before fasten the camera at your mounting place, put the camera closing enough to that place and double check whether you still can watch live stream. To do so, launch your HiKam app and tap the Play icon. A weak Wi-Fi signal strength may cause the camera offline.

Step 4: Fasten the camera.

Step 5: Now verify whether you can access your camera with your cellular data. Disable the Wi-Fi reception on your smart phone. In turn the smart phone starts to use cellular data provided by your mobile provider. Launch HiKam app, tap the Play icon to see if you can watch live streams.

Step 5: Enable the Wi-Fi reception on your mobile phone.

Now you are able to access the camera on your HiKam app or HiKamPC over WAN.

For details about HiKamPC go to "Configure and watch live video from HiKamPC".